CyberPoint Check Points

CyberPoint Checkpoints

CyberPoint electronic tags function as data checkpoints for security guard tours and can be installed virtually anywhere Like a traditional guard tour system, security team members confirm their presence at a location by touching a CyberKey smart key to a CyberPoint electronic tag.

When a CyberKey smart key is presented to a communication device, a complete record of the guard tour is uploaded into the management software. Reports can then be generated, e-mailed and analyzed.

A significant advantage over traditional guard tour applications is that the CyberPoint is part of the CyberLock access control system. The same CyberKey smart key a guard uses to verify their location can also be loaded with access permissions to open designated CyberLock cylinders.

In CyberAudit Enterprise, users can activate the Key Security Enhancement module which enables CyberPoint electronic tags to temporarily reactivate an expired CyberKey smart key. When a key touches a CyberPoint with this feature activated, it can now access designated CyberLock cylinders. The activation will time out after eight seconds or five minutes depending on which activation preference is configured.