Electronic Lock Cylinders

CyberLock Electronic Cylinders

CyberLock cylinders are high security electronic locks designed to track and control access throughout your facility. Cylinders are designed to the exact dimensions of the mechanical lock cylinders they replace. As the CyberLock cylinder needs no power or wiring for installation, it is ideal for securing remote and mobile assets.

Featured CyberLock Electronic Locks

Electronic Mortise Lock

Cylinders for Doorways

Cylinders for doorways retrofit into knob, lever, mortise, rim, and profile locksets.

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CyberLock Electronic Padlock

CyberLock Padlocks

Manage access to cargo bays, trucks, gates, and control boxes with CyberLock high security padlocks.

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CyberLock Electronic Cam Lock

Cam Locks

CyberLock cam locks are ideal for securing desk drawers, fare boxes, jewelry display cases, medical cabinets, and server racks.

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Electronic Cylinder Facts

  • Over 370 electronic lock cylinders have been designed to date.
    • Doors, cabinets, padlocks, containers, equipment, safes
    • Custom design and manufacturing capabilities
  • CyberLock cylinders retrofit into existing mechanical hardware.
  • CyberLock electronic cylinders are designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of the cylinder ID code, meaning each CyberLock cylinder is unique and traceable.
  • Cylinders contain encrypted access codes to identify the system to which they belong.
  • No wiring or battery is required.
    • Cylinder is energized by the battery in the key.
    • Control access with audit trails even during power outages.
  • Cylinders record the last 1100 authorized and denied access events in memory.
  • Cylinders contain a list of lost/stolen keys to prevent lost keys from gaining access.
  • Cylinders have no pick-able keyway.
  • Standard security features are built into each cylinder:
    • Tamper resistance
    • Torque resistance
    • Stun gun resistance
    • Dual key entry or time delay (software option)
  • Drill resistant high security option is available.