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CyberLock Access Control Solutions

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CyberLock is a key-centric access control system designed to increase security, accountability, and key control throughout your organization.

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Flex System

The CyberLock Flex System is a modular security solution that combines wired door access control with the CyberLock key-centric solution, all managed under one unified software platform.

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CyberKey Vaults

CyberKey Vault key cabinets provide an intelligent way of programming and dispensing CyberKey smart keys.

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CyberPoint Checkpoints

CyberPoint electronic tags function as data checkpoints for security guard tours and can be installed virtually anywhere.

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FlashLock provides keyless access control from any smartphone, tablet or iPad. There's no app to download or bluetooth to pair. Grant access via text message or email 24/7.

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CyberAudit Management Software

CyberAudit is the software suite for management of CyberLock systems of all sizes. CyberAudit allows assigning keys, setting expirations, adding new cylinders, monitoring staff and contractors, creating access schedules, and generating audit trails & custom reports.

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Product Photos & Specs

View product photos and specs on all CyberLock and Flex System components and accessories.